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次回は5月6日(木) 16:30-です。

Speaker1 : Otsuka
Ionospheric Observations using Global Navigation Satellite System and Studies of Medium-Scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances

日時: 2021年5月6日 (木) 16:30-
Date: May 6, 2021 (Thu) 16:30-

場所 : 研究所共同館U 3階 or オンライン(Zoom)
Place: 3rd floor of Research Institutes Building II or Online(Zoom)

【オンラインセミナーに伴うルール・注意点 / Rules and precautions associated with online seminars】

This year, we hold online seminars using "Zoom" to prevent infection with COVID-19.
The following are the rules and precautions of the online seminars.

1. 原則セミナールームは使用せず、発表場所・聴講場所はどこでも構いません。
In principle, we will not use the seminar room, and you can choose anywhere for presentations and listening the seminars.
(If you have any problems with the online environment at home, or if you cannot give a presentation in your own room
because of a shared room, please contact us. The seminar room on the 8th floor can be used alternatively.)

2. ZoomのURLについては毎週メールにて送付いたします。
Zoom URLs will be emailed weekly.

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Please turn on the camera and join.

4. 開始5分前には上記の状態で待機できるようにしてください。
Please wait 5 minutes before the start in the above condition.

5. 発表者以外の方は質問があるときを除いて原則、音声をミュートにしてご参加ください。
If you are not the presenter, please mute the audio unless you have a question.

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4/15 Kazuo Shiokawa Souri
4/22 Masafumi Hirahara Koyama
4/29 Showa Day
5/6 Yuichi Otsuka Kawai
5/13 Nozomu Nishitani Nakamura
5/20 Satonori Nozawa Li Wei Chen
5/27 Masahito Nose Hazeyama
6/3 Sato
6/10 Kataoka
6/17 Sugimoto
6/24 Hikosaka
7/1 Shin-ichiro Oyama Zhiu Chen
7/8 Tac Nakajima Oomori
7/15 Claudia Souri
7/22 Marine Day
7/29 Shinbori
8/5 Souri





5/6 Yuichi Otsuka Ionospheric Observations using Global Navigation Satellite System and Studies of Medium-Scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances
4/22 Masafumi Hirahara In-Situ Observations and Instrumentation in Past/Future Polar-Orbiting Satellite Missions
4/15 Kazuo Shiokawa Auroral at low and subauroral latitudes


1/28 Goto
Consideration on screening and calibration of nitric oxide (NO) spectral data in Tromso.
Statistical analysis of the phase velocity distribution of mesospheric and thermospheric waves observed in airglow images at Darwin, Australia.
1/21 Kato
Study of longitudinal extent of cosmic noise absorption (CNA) observed by multi-point ground-based riometers during storm-time substorms on August 25-29, 2018.
Floating-mode APD experiments using 241Am and 10s-keV electrons.
1/14 Sakai
Detection of Pi2 geomagnetic pulsation by machine learning and Real-time substormwarning system.
Mode identification of MHD waves observed by the SuperDARN radars using the Lomb-Scargle analysis.
12/24 Abe
Let's have auroral emission!
12/17 Mizoguchi
Development of Superconducting receiver based on series-connected array junction for atmospheric observation.
12/10 Maeda
Statistical study of atmospheric stability in the polar upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere above Tromso by using sodium LIDAR data.
12/3 Oya
Possible origin of the differences in SAPS occurrence characteristics between the Asia-Pacific and North American regions.
Development of the low-cost geomagnetic observation system using Magneto-impedance sensors.
11/26 Inaba
Multi-event analysis of plasma and field variations in the source of Stable Auroral Red (SAR) arcs in the inner magnetosphere during non-storm time substorms.
Three-dimensional Fourier analysis of atmospheric gravity waves and medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances observed in airglow images in Hawaii over three years.
11/19 Jie Liu
Atsuya Takasu
A study of longitudinal extent of Pc1 pulsations using six PWING ground stations at subauroral latitudes.
A numerical design of double-layered electrostatic energy analyzer with hemispherical field of view.
11/12 Saito
Development of cryogenic calibrator for millimeter-wave radiometers
Plasma and field characteristics observed by the Arase satellite in the source of a substorm brightening aurora at L=6
11/05 Takada
Simultaneous observations of SAPS electric field with the Arase satellite and SuperDARN radars
Statistical analysis of mid-latitude MSTID characteristics using the SuperDARN Hokkaido pair of radars.
10/22 Shinbori
Electron density variation in the ionosphere during geomagnetic storms and its physical process
Occurrence feature of plasma bubbles in the equatorial to midlatitude ionosphere during geomagnetic storms using long-term GNSS-TEC data (磁気嵐時の電離圏電子密度変動とその物理過程について)
10/15 Claudia
Statistical study of unusual high frequency emissions at Kannuslehto, Finland.
Study of an equatorward detachment of auroral arc from the oval using ground-space observations and the BATSRUS+CRCM model.
10/8 Nozawa
Studies of polar upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere
Research on a next-generation atmospheric radiometer
10/1 Oyama
An ephemeral red arc appeared at 68° MLat at a pseudo breakup during geomagnetically quiet conditions
Field-aligned low-energy O+ ion flux variations in the inner magnetosphere observed by Arase
9/24 Hirahara
Satellite Observations of the Auroral Particles and Instrumental Developments for Future Missions
Operation of the SuperDARN remote receiver and development of the SuperDARN imaging receiver using the USRP SDR
9/17 Kim
Study on EMIC Pc1 wave at Low-Earth Orbit
GPS Total Electron Content Observation of Equatorial Plasma Bubbles Surviving in Daytime
9/10 Koyama
Statistical study of semidiurnal tide in the polar lower Thermosphere using EISCAT radar data
Mystery of blue/purple auroras from N2+ ions
9/3 Mizoguchi
Design of Superconducting mixer based on series-connected array junction for the atmospheric multi-line observation in 200 GHz band.
EPB interaction with southward and northward moving waves over Gadanki, A low latitude statio
7/30 Yuan Xia
Statistical study of Sporadic Sodium Layer (SSL) based on diurnal sodium lidar observations at Beijing, China (40.5°N, 116°E)
7/16 Kento Oya
Hideto Naito
Statistical study of SAPS occurrence characteristics using the SuperDARN Hokkaido Pair of (HOP) radars
Analysis of source and generation mechanism of atmospheric gravity waves and MSTIDs observed in airglow images in Hawaii
7/9 Yudai Inaba
Hiroshi Nomura
Conjugate measurements of Stable Auroral Red (SAR) arc during non-storm time substorms by all-sky imagers and inner magnetospheric satellites
Application of Magneto-Impedance Sensor to Geomagnetic Field Measurements for Constructing Distributed Arrays of Small Instruments (DASI)
7/2 Sakiho Maeda
Chiaki Moriyama
Study of atomospheric stability in the polar lower thermosphere and upper mesosphere above Tromso by using the sodium LIDAR
Review of "Vertical Structure of Terdiurnal Tides in the Antarctic MLT Region: 15-Year Observation Over Syowa (69°S, 39°E)"
6/25 Atsuya Takasu
Hirofumi Goto
Review of "Development of an ion energy mass spectrometer"
Review of "Missing driver in the Sun-Earth connection from energetic electron precipitation impacts mesospheric ozone"
6/18 Takuma Tsuboi
Zhiyu Chen
Review of "New statistical analysis of the horizontal phase velocity distribution of gravity waves observed by airglow imaging"
Review of "Derivation of TEC and Estimation of Instrumental Biases from GEONET in Japan"
6/11 Yuto Kato
Yusuke Sakai
Review of "The local time, substorm, and seasonal dependence of electron precipitation at L=4 inferred from riometer measurements"
Introduction of previous research paper and my own research theme
6/4 Seishiro Tanaka
Koki Morita
Ion analyze using HPCA (Hot Plasma Composition Analyzer)
Review of "Identifying ULF Wave Eigenfrequencies in SuperDARN Backscatter Using a Lomb‐Scargle Cross‐Phase Analysis"
5/28 Takuya Sori
Atsuki Shinbori
Characteristics of plasma bubbles during geomagnetic storms using long-term Global Navigation Satellite System-Total Electron Content data
Relationship between the locations of the mid-latitude trough and plasmapause using global GNSS-TEC and Arase satellite measurements
5/21 Claudia Martinez-Calderon
Sneha Yadav
Review of recent observations of ELF/VLF waves by conjugated events (the short version)
Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS): A tool to study the motion of Equatorial Ionization Anomaly
5/14 Satonori Nozawa
Taku Nakajima
EISCAT_3D, and Sporadic Sodium Layer
Research on Variation Mechanism of the Middle Atmosphere in Polar Regions
5/7 Masahito Nose
Shin-ichiro Oyama
Oxygen Torus and Its Coincidence with EMIC Wave in the Deep Inner Magnetosphere: Van Allen Probe B and Arase Observations
Latitudinal coupling during period of geomagnetic quiet condition
4/30 Yuichi Otsuka
Nozomu Nishitani
Medium-Scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances
SuperDARN Overview / Observation of SAPS fluctuations
4/23 Masafumi Hirahara
Kazuo Shiokawa
Terrestrial/Planetary Plasma Outflows to Space:Observation, Mechanism, and Measurement Methodology
Overview of the PWING Project
4/16 Masafumi Hirahara
Satonori Nozawa
Guidance for the Division for Ionospheric and Magnetospheric Research
Safety and health lecture
2/27 Sneha Yadav
Multi-wavelength imaging observations of STEVE at Athabasca
2/20 Hiroatsu Sato
Recent advances in ionospheric density imaging with spaceborne synthetic aperture radar
2/13 Shixun Fan
Sivakanadan Mani
Review of "Development of Superconducting Spectroscopic Array Receiver: A Multibeam 2SB SIS Receiver for Millimeter-Wave Radio Astronomy”
Longitudinal and seasonal variation of daytime medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances using GPS observation and GAIA simulations
2/6 Li Wei Chen
Jie Liu
A preliminary analysis of a conjugate observation of auroral arcs on 12 October 2017 by a ground EMCCD camera and the Arase satellite
Review of "Purple Auroral Rays and Global Pc1 Pulsations Observed at the CIR-Associated Solar Wind Density Enhancement on 21 March 2017”
1/30 Nobuya Fukatani
Yoshiharu Saito
Machine learning approach for identification of ultralow frequency pulsations
Development of cryogenic calibrator for observation system installed at Tromso in Norway
1/23 Kouki Kawai
Kouki Nakamura
First simultaneous observation of nighttime medium scale traveling ionospheric disturbance (MSTID) by a ground airglow imager and the ARASE satellite
Simultaneous observation of isolated proton aurora at subauroral latitude by ground and satellite instruments
1/16 Tomoya Takada
Wataru Hazeyama
Study of dependence of solar flare induced SuperDARN doppler velocity on X-ray intensity,SZA and season
Statistical study of seasonal dependence of MSTID occurrence and propagation velocity using the SuperDARN Hokkaido East HF radar
1/9 Lakshmi Narayanan Viswanathan
Tulasiram Sudarsanam
A discussion of midlatitude ionospheric instabilities and associated spread F
A new Artificial Neural Network based 3D Ionospheric Model (ANNIM-3D) - Discussion


12/26 Tomomi Takei
Taishiro Miyamoto
Development of double-shell type wide field-of-view energy analyzer for simultaneous and direct electron and ion measurements in space
Variations of CNA(cosmic noise absorption) by EEP(energetic electron precipitation) and changes of the auroral morphology
12/19 Yuhei Takeshita
Takuya Sori
Global distribution of Magnetospheric ELF/VLF waves using ground-based and satellite observations and RAM code simulation
Study on characteristics of storm-time ionospheric disturbances and their generation mechanisms using global GNSS receiver networks
12/12 Takahiko Kosegaki
Shoki Iriyama
Development of multi-band simultaneous observation system for a millimeter-wave radiometer
Reduction of receiver noise derived from LO signal for the development of high sensitivity millimeter wave receiver
12/5 Kento Oya
Hideto Naito
Statistical study of SAPS occurrence characteristics using the SuperDARN East Hokkaido "HF" radar
Statistical analysis of the horizontal phase velocity distribution of mesospheric and ionospheric waves observed in airglow images in Hawaii
11/28 Yudai Inaba
Hiroshi Nomura
First plasma and field observations in the magnetospheric source region of Stable Auroral Red (SAR) arc by the Arase satellite on 28 March, 2017
Development of an inexpensive magnetic observation system using magnetic impedance sensors
11/21 Sakiho Maeda
Gemma Mizoguchi
Study of atmospheric stability in the polar lower thermosphere and upper mesosphere by using simultaneous 5-directional observations at Tromso
Development of Superconducting mixer based on series-connected array junction for the atmospheric multi-line observation in 200 GHz band
11/14 Priyanka Ghosh
Abraham Chain
Role of pre-reversal enhancement in the generation of equatorial plasma bubble using observation and model simulations
Nonlinear dynamics of equatorial-polar ionosphere
11/7 Kazuhiro Yamamoto
Xu Heqiucen
Source and Impact of Long Lasting Poloidal ULF Waves in the Inner Magnetosphere
Spectral analysis of severe magnetic fluctuations during magnetic dipolarization in the near-Earth magnetotail
10/31 Edith Macotela Cruz
Ram Singh
Disturbances Obseved in the VLF signal propagate in the Earth-ionosphere waveguide
Prompt penetration and Disturbance dynamo electric and their impact on equatorial and low latitude ionosphere
10/17 Gilda de Lourdes Gonzalez
Artem Yu. Gololobov
Ionospheric studies in Tucum n - Argentina
Conjugate measurements of the SAR-arc detachment from the auroral oval using DMSP satellites and an all-sky camera at Athabasca, Canada
10/10 Shun Imajo
Claudia Martinez-Calderon
Magnetic field observations by quasi-zenith satellites (QZSs): Data calibration and science application
Spatial extent of quasi-periodic emission simultaneously observed by Arase and Van Allen Probes
10/3 Atsuki Shinbori
New story of formation of storm-enhanced density (SED) in the mid-latitudes obtained from an integrated data analysis of geomagnetic indices, GNSS-TEC, SuperDARN and IS radars
9/26 Kazuo Shiokawa
PRESTO - Predictability of the variable Solar-Terrestrial Coupling - the new SCOSTEP 5-year program
9/19 Yuhei Takeshita
Tomomi Takei
Spatio-Temporal development of magnetospheric ELF/VLF waves estimated by PWING-ERG-RBSP wave measurements, POES particle meacurements, and RAM simulations
Development of double-shell type wide field of view energy analyzer for simultaneous and direct electron and ion measurements in space
9/5 Shouki Iriyama
Takahiko Kosegaki
Study on reduction of receiver noise caused by local oscillator for higher sensitivity of millimeter wave receiver
Development of multi-band simultaneous observation system for a millimeter-wave radiometer
7/25 Taishiro Miyamoto
Takuya Sori
Variations of CNA(cosmic noise absorption) by EEP(energetic electron precipitation) and changes of the auroral morphology
Relationship between the large TEC fluctuation and ionospheric echoes observed by the SuperDARN radars in the auroral zone and midlatitudes during a geomagnetic storm
7/18 Tac Nakajima
Development Research of Millimeter-Wave Components for the New Atmospheric Spectroradiometer in Antarctica
7/11 Shin-ichiro Oyama
Spatial distribution of the polar thermospheric wind acceleration
7/4 Li Wei Chen
Hiroshi Nomura
Review of "Conjugate observation of auroral finger-like structures by ground based all-sky camera and THEMIS satellites"
Development of an inexpensive magnetic observation system using a magnetic impedance sensor
6/27 Sakiho Maeda
Mani Shivakandan
Review of "Measurements of atmospheric stability in the mesopause region at starfire optical range, NM"
Deep ingression of the mid-latitude MSTID into as low as ~3.5° magnetic latitude
6/20 Nobuya Fukatani
Yoshiharu Saito
Review of "Survey of ionospheric Pc3-5 ULFwave signatures in SuperDARN high time resolution data"
Review of "Terahertz Superconducting Radiometric Spectrometer in Tibet for Atmospheric Science"
6/13 Tomoya Takada
Wataru Hazeyama
Review of "Examining the potential of the Super Dual Auroral Radar Network for monitoring the space weather impact of solar X-ray flares"
Review of "Statistical study of medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances using SuperDARN Hokkaido ground backscatter data for 2011"
6/6 Koki Kawai
Koki Nakamura
Review of "Motion of high-latitude nighttime medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances associated with auroral brightening"
Review of "Isolated Proton Auroras and Pc1/EMIC Waves at Subauroral Latitudes"
5/23 Nozomu Nishitani
Study of electric field / electron density disturbances in the mid-latitude / subauroral ionosphere using the SuperDARN radars
5/16 Masahiro Nose
Longitudinal structure of oxygen torus in the inner magnetosphere: Simultaneous observations by Arase and Van Allen Probes
5/9 Satonori Nozawa
EISCAT/EISCAT3D and Sodium layer
4/25 Yuichi Otsuka
GPS observations of equatorial plasma bubbles and medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances
4/18 Masafumi Hirahara
Space-Terrestrial/Planetary Coupling Mechanisms and Future Exploration Missions for Geospace and Planetary Space Physics
4/11 Kazuo Shiokawa
Introduction of the OMTI and PWING Projects and a study of purple aurora in the sunlit ionosphere
2/15 Artem Gololobov
Navin Parihar
Modelling of the thermal regime of the high-latitude ionosphere
Characteristics of the F-region peak inferred from OI 630.0 and 777.4 nm measurements
2/1 Gemma Mizoguchi
The design of planer filter on broadband SIS mixer for 200GHz band
1/25 Yudai Inaba
Hideto Naito
Simultaneous ground-satellite observation of aurora and airglow at subauroral latitudes by PWING all-sky cameras and the ARASE satellite
Statistical analysis of the horizontal phase velocity distribution of mesospheric and ionospheric waves observed in airglow images obtained in Hawaii
1/18 Kento Oya
Yusuke Henmi
Statistical study of SAPS occurrence characteristic using the SuperDARN Hokkaido radar
Deriving the direction of TID by using SuperDARN radar in geographical coordinates
1/11 Hiroyuki Iwata
Yuting Zhang
Development of the front-end of millimeter-wave radiometer for simultaneous observation of middle atmospheric molecules at Syowa station
Ionospheric Conductivity Dependence of Subauroral Polarization Streams (SAPS) Observed by the SuperDARN HF Radar


12/28 Kouta Zengyou
Tomofumi Yamaguchi
Quantitative Evaluation of Linearity and Improvement of Saturation Performance for Superconducting Mixer in Millimeter-Wave
Development of superconducting Mixer based on series junction array in Millimeter-Wave
12/21 Satoshi Tsuchiya
Statistical analysis of wavenumber distribution of mesospheric and ionospheric waves in airglow images in Japan, Canada, and Russia
12/7 Takuya Sori
Yutaka Ohkawa
Characteristics of temporal and spatial variations of global GPS total electron content during magnetic storm
A monitoring system for spatial distributions of charged-particle beams in the calibration facility for space bone instruments
11/23 Mike Kosch
Sprites research in Africa
11/16 Taishiro Miyamoto
Tomomi Takei
Energetic electron precipitation and Auroral morphology
A concept and numerical design of double-layered top-hat type electrostatic energy analyzer
11/9 Atsuki Shinbori
Vladimir Belakhovsky
Formation process of the storm enhanced density based on global GNSS-TEC and SuperDARN data analyses: Role of the storm-time convection flow
Influence of different ionospheric disturbances on the GPS scintillations at high latitudes
11/2 Mitsuru Matsumura
Global simulations of ionospheric electron density response to severe solar flares: effects of electron density advection and neutral composition
10/26 Kate Aksonova
Heqiucen XU
Study of natural ionospheric disturbances at midlatitudes: Past results.
Study of high-latitude thermosphere using an FPI at Tromsoe: local substorm onset times and average winds.
10/19 Masaki Nishino
Low Alfven-Mach-number solar wind and its effect on the Earth's magnetosphere
10/12 A. V. Koustov
Contributions of coherent radars to studies of the near Earth's environment
10/5 Kazuhiro Yamamoto
Fuqing Huang
Excitation of eastward propagating poloidal ULF waves through drift-bounce resonance
Daytime periodic wave-like structures of the ionosphere observed at low latitudes over the Asian-Australian sector using total electron content from Beidou geostationary satellites
9/28 Shun Imajo
Meridional distribution of proton plasma and pressure-driven currents in the nightside inner magnetosphere: Arase observation
9/21 Masahito Nose
Experimental observations of geomagnetic field with magnetoimpedance sensor
9/14 Shouki Iriyama
Yuhei Takeshita
Experimental observations of geomagnetic field with magnetoimpedance sensor
Study of longitudinal extent of magnetospheric ELF/VLF waves using multipoint PWING ground stations
9/7 Sergii Panasenko
Study of artificially induced ionospheric disturbances far from high-energy source: Past and recent results
7/27 Yuki Takagi
Tomofumi Yamaguchi
Statistical analysis of SAR arc detachment from the main oval based on 11-year all-sky imaging observations at Athabasca, Canada
The research of impedance matching circuit composed of planar transmission lines for superconducting SIS mixer based on series junction array in the 200 GHz band
7/20 Kota Zengyo
An investigation of linearity performance of superconducting SIS mixer on millimeter-wave receiver
7/13 Hiroyuki Iwata
Yutaka Okawa
Research of a wide-band optical system for the atmospheric radiometer in millimeter-band
7/6 Zhang Yuting
Satoshi Tsuchiya
Statistical study of Ionospheric Conductivity (Solar Zenith Angle) Dependence of the Subauroral Polarization Streams using the SuperDARN HF Radar Network
Long-term statistical analysis of phase velocity distribution of mesospheric and ionospheric waves in airglow images obtained in four stations (Shigaraki, Rikubetus, Magadan and Athabasca)
6/29 Takuya Sori
Taishiro Miyamoto
Review of “Ionospheric redistribution during geomagnetic storms”
Review of "Energetic electron precipitation and auroral morphology at the substorm recovery phase"
6/22 Kento Oya
Yusuke Henmi
Review of “Statistical characterization of the large-scale structure of the subauroral polarization stream”
Review of "LSTID observed by HFradar and GEONET"
6/15 Yudai Inaba
Gemma Mizoguchi
Review of “Ground and satellite observations of low-latitude red auroras at initial phase of magnetic storms”
Review of "Wideband SIS Receivers Using Series Distributed SIS junction Array"
6/8 Satonori Nozawa
Current status of EISCAT_3D, and horizontal temperature gradients derived with the Tromsoe sodium LIDAR
6/1 Tomomi Takei
Hideto Naito
Review of "A low-energy charged particle distribution imager with a compact sensor for space applications"
Review of "New statistical analysis of the horizontal phase velocity distribution of gravity waves observed by airglow imaging"
5/25 Shin-ichiro Oyama
New insights from the ionospheric and thermospheric measurements at auroral latitudes
5/18 Taku Nakajima
Newly developed components in millimeter band on atmospheric radiometer for observational research of middle atmosphere environment
5/11 Yuichi Otsuka
GPS Observations of Medium-Scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances
4/27 Nozomu Nishitani
Introduction of Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN): Overview and Latest Results
4/20 Kazuo Shiokawa
Introduction of the OMTIs and PWING projects
4/13 Masafumi Hirahara
Observations and Future Space Exploration Mission in Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling System of the Earth
4/6 Teachers
Introduction of student research topics
2/13 Prayitno Abadi
Role of the pre-reversal enhancement and medium-scale gravity wave on the multiple plasma bubble occurrence
2/9 Heqiucen Xu
A study of quiet-time wind pattern using an FPI at Troms
2/2 Naoya Hisada
Yuhei Takeshita
Automatic derivation of propagation of MSTID observed by Hokkaido East HF radar
The study on the longitudinally distribution of magnetospheric ELF/VLF emission using simultaneous observation in Athabasca, Kapuskasing and Gakona
1/26 Shouki Iriyama
Takahiko Kosegaki
Study on improving characteristics of local oscillation signal for low noise of millimeter wave receiver
Development of a broadband intermediate frequency chain for the new millimeter-wave radiometer
1/19 Sayaka Sakamoto
Observations of ionospheric scintillation and total electron content using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers in Troms , Norway
1/12 Katsuki Nishi
Study of auroral finger-like structures and magnetospheric pressure fluctuations based on ground and satellite observations


12/22 Kouhei Iida
Toshiki Sugiyama
Ionospheric electric field oscillation associated with Sudden Commencement seen by SuperDARN radars and ground magnetometers
Temporal and spatial variations of storm-time ionospheric irregularities on the basis of GPS-TEC data analysis
12/15 Huang Fuqing
The study of ionospheric variations using regional GNSS observation network
12/8 Aysegul Ceren Moral
Observations of Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances by CHAMP satellite and GEONET-TEC map
12/1 Yutaka Ohkawa
Experimental development of the calibration system for ion/electron beam line
11/24 Uma Das
Kohei Haratani
Tidal Variability in the Middle and Upper Atmosphere
Development of a waveguide-type multiplexer in 200GHz band for simultaneous observation of atmospheric molecular lines
11/17 Masaki Nishino
A reconsideration of solar wind entry into the lunar wake
11/10 Mitsuru Matsumura
GAIA simulations of solar flare impacts on plasma vortex in the equatorial evening Ionosphere
10/27 Geeta Vichare
Overview of low latitude current systems
10/20 Atsuki Shinbori
Temporal and spatial variations of the plasmasphere and ionosphere during geomagnetic storms based on an integrated data analysis of ground-based and satellite observations
10/13 Hiroyuki Iwata
Kouta Zengyou
Design of a wide-band optics for the atmospheric radiometer in millimeter-band
An Investigation of Linearity Performance of Superconducting SIS Mixer on Millimeter-Wave Receiver
10/6 Satoshi Tsuchiya
Yuuki Takagi
Phase velocity distribution of mesospheric and ionospheric waves in airglow images over 16 years at Rikubetsu and Shigaraki, Japan: Local time variation and relation to stratospheric sudden warming
Statistical analysis of SAR arc detachment from the main oval based on 11-year all-sky imaging observations at subauroral latitude
9/29 Neethal Thomas
Study of substorm associated Pi2 pulsations in different local time sectors
9/22 Yohei Ogawa
Yuting Zhang
Statistical study of sporadic sodium layer (SSL) in the polar lower thermosphere and upper mesosphere by using the Troms sodium LIDAR
Statistical study of Ionospheric Conductivity (Solar Zenith Angle) Dependence of the Subauroral Polarization Streams using the SuperDARN HF Radar Network
9/8 Devanaboyina Venkata Ratnam
Ionospheric Total Electron Content Forecasting Algorithms using Ground Based GNSS observations over India and Japan
9/1 Sergii V.Panasenko
Ionospheric Research in Ukraine using Kharkiv Incoherent Scatter Facility
7/28 Katsuki Nishi
Ground-based magnetospheric observation of auroral finger-like structures using the RBSP-A satellite in the innser magnetosphere
7/21 Kohei Haratani
Kohei Iida
Development of 200GHz band waveguide multiplexer for simultaneous observation of atmospheric molecules' multi-emission lines in Antarctica
Ionospheric electric field oscillation associated with Sudden Commencement seen by SuperDARN radars and ground magnetometers
7/14 Sayaka Sakamoto
Toshiki Sugiyama
Observations of ionospheric scintillation and total electron content using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers in Troms , Norway
Characteristics of ionospheric irregularities based on case and statistical analyses of GPS-TEC
7/7 Daniel Okoh
Prayitno Abadi
Occurrence frequency of Equatorial Plasma Bubbles over West Africa using an All-sky Airglow Imager and GNSS receivers
Forecasting day-to-day occurrence of equatorial spread-F in Southeast Asia
6/30 Naoya Hisada
Review of "Sources and characteristics of medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances observed by high-frequency radars in the North American sector"
6/23 Shouki Iriyama
Takahiko Kosegaki
Review of "Design and Development of a Hybrid-coupled Waveguide Multiplexer for a Multiband Receiver"
Review of "Performance of Production Band 3 receivers (84-116GHz) for the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA)"
6/16 Yuna Oshima
Yutaka Ohkawa
Review of "Horizontal structure of wind velocity field around the mesopause region derived from meteor radar observations"
Review of "Imaging and Rapid Sucanning Ion Mass Spectrometer(IRM) for the CASSIOPE e-POP Mission"
6/9 Shinichiro Oyama
Energetic electron precipitation and auroral morphology at the substorm recovery phase
6/2 Yuichi Otsuka
Ionospheric Observations using GPS
5/26 Yuhei Takeshita
Heqiucen XU
Simultaneous observation of magnetospheric ELF/VLF emissions in Canada, Finland, and Antarctica
Study of thermospheric wind variations at substorm onsets using a Fabry-Perot interferometer at Tromsoe, Norway
5/19 Satonori Nozawa
Vertical motion of the neutral atmosphere above Troms
5/12 Taku Nakajima
Development of the next generation radiometer in millimter band for obsevational research of middle atmosphere environment
4/28 Nozomu Nishitani
Dynamics of global ionospheric convection observed by the SuperDARN network
4/21 Masafumi Hirahara
Space Plasma Phenomena of the Ionosphere-Magnetosphere Coupling Processes in the Earth's Polar Regions
4/14 Kazuo Shiokawa
Introduction to the PWING Project
4/7 Teachers
Introduction of student research topics
2/24 Yosifumi Saito (Special Seminar)
Solar wind interaction with the Moon
2/17 J.B.H.Baker
Large-Scale Structure and Dynamics of the Sub-Auroral Polarization Stream (SAPS)
2/10 Martin Connors
Inversion and Interpretation of Ground Magnetic Data, Including Impulsive Events
2/3 Pasha Ponomarenko
Effects of refractive index of the ionosphere on characteristics of SuperDARN echoes
1/27 Yuting Zhang
Study of Electrical Conductivity Dependence of the Subauroral Polarization Stream Observed by SuperDARN Hokkaido-Rikubetsu HF Radar
1/20 Shingo Yokote
Kou Udagawa
Study of local time and seasonal variation of ionospheric plasma environment observed by the HF radar receiver
Study of characteristics of the upper mesosphere and lower ionosphere by the SuperDARN HF radar
1/13 Hiroyuki Iwata
Kouta Zengyou
Optical design for wide bandwidth in millimeter-wave spectroscopy and evaluation by electromagnetic optics simulator
Study of noise temperature characteristics of 200 GHz band SIS mixer
1/06 Yuuki Takagi
Satoshi Tsuchiya
Statistical Analysis of Substorm-Associated SAR arcs at Subauroral latitudes based on all-sky imaging observations at Athabasca, Canada
Long-term statistical analysis of horizontal phase velocity distribution of mesosphere and ionosphere waves in airglow images at Rikubetsu


12/16 Keita Yamawaki
S. G. Sumod
A study of method for estimating absolute TEC using GNSS system
Coupling Processes in the Equatorial Upper Atmosphere
12/9 Tam Dao
Hisao Takahashi
Study on the generation mechanism of post-midnight field-aligned irregularities observed with the Equatorial Atmosphere Radar
Ionospheric plasma bubbles and MSTID: what we learned from the ISEE workshop
12/2 Heiquiucen Xu
Daiki Takeo
Thermospheric wind variations by a Fabry-Perot interferometer at Tromsoe, Norway, around substorm onsets
Sixteen-year variation of horizontal phase velocity and propagation direction of mesospheric and thermospheric waves in airglow images at Shigarkai, Japan
11/25 Segun Bolaji
Naoki Akiyama
SSW connects the lower with upper atmosphere and modelling efforts
Optical Design of Measurement System for Superconducting Mixer on Atmospheric Observation Instruments and Measurement of Mixer Linearity
11/18 Yusuke Yonezu
Spatial extent of magnetospheric ELF/VLF emissions observed at Athabasca, Kannuslehto, and Syowa station
11/11 Atsuki Shinbori
A study of long-term variation in the upper atmosphere with the IUGONET data analysis system
11/4 Aysegul Ceren Moral
Ground-satellite conjugate observations of travelling ionospheric disturbances over Indonesia and Japan
10/28 Balan Nanan
Yohei Ogawa
Severe space weather and its relevance to the High-Tech society(2/2)
Statistical study of sporadic sodium layer (SSL) in the polar lower thermosphere and upper mesosphere by using the Troms sodium LIDAR
10/21 Kouhei Iida
Katsuki Nishi
Ionospheric electric field oscillation associated with Sudden Impulse seen by SuperDARN radars
Conjugate observation of aurora finger-like structures by ground all-sky cameras and THEMIS satellites
10/14 Antti Kero(ISEE/CICR colloquium)
D-region ionization characteristics inverted from ground based electron density measurements
10/7 Balan Nanan(ISEE/CICR colloquium)
Severe space weather and its relevance to the High-Tech society(1/2)
9/30 Toshiki Sugiyama
Sayaka Sakamoto
Analysis of the ionospheric irregularities in North America using GPS-TEC
A study of ionospheric scintillations and TEC variations on Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) in Troms Norway
9/27 Hisao Takahashi(ISEE/CICR colloquium)
Ionospheric Plasma Bubble Study in Brazil: Today´s Aspect
9/23 Tac Nakajima
A Report of Visit Tromso for 300 days
9/16 Kouhei Haratani
Tomohumi Yamaguchi
Design of 180-260 GHz band waveguide filter bank for simultaneous observation of atmospheric molecules’multi-emission lines in Antarctica
The research of impedance matching circuit composed of planar transmission line at 200GHz band superconducting mixer for Syowa station
9/12 Jorge L. Chau (ISEE/CICR colloquium)
Unusual 5-m E region field-aligned irregularities observed from Northern Germany during the magnetic storm of March 17, 2015
9/9 Masaki Nishino
Kaguya observations of the lunar wake in the terrestrial foreshock
7/29 Yusuke Yonezu
Keita Yamawaki
Simultaneous observations of magnetosperic ELF/VLF emissions at Athabasca, Kannuslehto, and Syowa Station
Improvement of the method to estimate TEC using GPS data
7/22 Heqiucen XU
Daiki Takeo
Thermospheric wind variations observed by a Fabry-Perot interferometer at Tromsoe, Norway, around substorm onsets
Long-term variation of horizontal phase velocity spectrum and propagation direction of mesospheric and thermospheric gravity waves observed by an airglow imager at Shigaraki, Japan
7/15 Tam Dao
Naoki Akiyana
Coordinated observations of post-midnight irregularities, thermospheric neutral wind and temperature
Optical Design of Measurement System for Superconducting Mixer on Atmospheric Observation Instruments and Measurement of Mixer Linearity
7/8 Lei Cai
Electromagnetic energy input to the high-latitude ionosphere
7/1 Mitsuru Matsumura
Modeling of ionospheric response to solar flares
6/24 Yohei Ogawa
Sayaka Sakamoto
Toshiki Sugiyama
Review of "A case study on generation mechanisms of a sporadic sodium layer above Troms (69.6°N) during a night of high auroral activity"
Review of "Observations of GPS scintillation during an isolated auroral substorm"
Review of "Fine structure of subauroral electric field and electron content"
6/17 Prayitno Abadi
Hiroyuki Iwata
Kouta Zengyo
Study of Plasma Bubble Generation Based on GNSS Scintillation Observations in Southeast Asia
Review of "Frequency Independent Design of Quasi-optical Systems"
Review of "A ground-based technique for millimeter wave spectroscopic observations of stratospheric trace constituents"
6/10 Kou Udagawa
Yuting Zhang
Review of "Mesosphere summer echoes observed with the SuperDARN Hokkaido HF radar at Rikubetsu, Japan (43.5 N)"
Review of "Large-scale observations of a subauroral polarization stream by midlatitude SuperDARN radars: Instantaneous longitudinal velocity variations"
6/3 Yuuki Takagi
Satoshi Tsuchiya
Review of "SAR arcs we have seen: Evidence for variability in stable auroral red arcs"
Review of "New statistical analysis of the horizontal phase velocity distribution of gravity waves observed by airglow imaging"
5/27 Shin-ichiro Oyama
Variations of the polar upper atmosphere at the substorm recovery phase
5/20 Satonori Nozawa
Studies of winds in the polar lower thermosphere using EISCAT radars
5/13 Yuichi Otsuka
Relationship of Field-Aligned Irregularities with Medium-scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances at mid-latitude and Equatorial Plasma Bubbles
5/6 Nozomu Nishitani
SuperDARN observations of the dynamics of the ionosphere and upper atmosphere
4/22 Masafumi Hirahara
In-situ observations and future missions based on spacecraft for research of space-terrestrial coupling mechanisms
4/15 Kazuo Shiokawa
Ground-based network observations of aurora and airglow: Overview
4/5 All the Faculty Staff of Shiokawa Lab and SSe lab
Introduction of student research topics
2/26 Ay eg l Ceren Moral
Prayitno Abadi
Conjugate observations of low-latitude travelling ionospheric disturbances by a 630-nm airglow imager at Indonesia and the CHAMP satellite
Equinoctial Asymmetry in the East-west Distribution of Scintillation Occurrence Observed by GPS Receivers in Indonesia
2/19 Viswanathan Lakshmi Narayanan
Understanding the disappearance of nighttime electrified medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances reaching lower latitudes
2/5 Shinichiro OYAMA
Daniel Okoh
Report of EISCAT experiments
A brief about the space environment research laboratory
1/29 Neethal Thomas
Low-latitude Pi2 oscillations observed by polar Low Earth Orbiting satellite
1/22 Kouhei HARATANI
Design of 250 GHz band waveguide filter for simultaneous observation of atmospheric trace molecules' multi-emission line
The research of impedance matching circuit composed of planar transmission line at 200GHz band superconducting mixer
1/15 Kouhei IIDA
Katsuki NISHI
SuperDARN radar observation of ionospheric flow oscillation associated with sudden impulse
Simultaneous observation of aurora finger-like structure by ground cameras and THEMIS satellites
1/8 Yusuke Yonezu
Heqiucen Xu
Simultaneous observations of ELF/VLF emissions at Canada, Finland, and Syowa Station
Statistical Analysis of Severe Magnetic Fluctuations in the near-Earth Magnetotail Observed by THEMIS-E


12/25 Jun CHAE-WOO
Study of the characteristics of structured/unstructured Pc1/EMIC waves in the magnetosphere and in the ionosphere
12/11 Daiki TAKEO
Long-term variation of horizontal phase velocity spectrum of mesospheric gravity waves observed by an airglow imager at Shigaraki
ELF/VLF waves related to magnetospheric compression: conjugated observations from satellite- and subauroral ground-based instruments
12/4 Le minh Tan
Study of the nighttime D-region ionosphere using tweek method
11/27 Elijah Olukayode Falayi
Response a Ionospheric disturbance dynamo and electromagnetic induction during geomagnetic storm
11/20 Kazuo SHIOKAWA
Measurements of airglow, aurora and ULF/ELF/VLF waves in Athabasca,Canada
11/13 Nozomu NISHITANI
Report on the first observation of a noctilucent cloud in Japan
11/6 Keisuke NAKAGAWA
Analysis of ion outflow from the earth's ionosphere observed by Geotail
10/30 Koudai UWASHITOMI
Observation of GNSS scintillation in Troms
10/23 Naoki AKIYAMA
Optical Design of Linearity Measurement System for Superconducting Mixer on Atmospheric radiometer
10/16 Guozhu Li
Study of ionospheric irregularity using Sanya VHF radar
10/9 Chihaya KATO
Development of Series Junction SIS Device in 200-GHz band
10/2 Khan-Hyuk Kim
EMIC waves observed at geosynchronous orbit under quiet geomagnetic conditions (Kp = 0-1)



9/25 Takuya MIZOGUCHI
Takanori Yamada
Statistical analysis of Medium-Scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbance using a GPS network in Alaska and consideration of its generating mechanism
A study of equatorial plasma bubbles by 630-nm airglow imaging observations from the International Space Station
9/18 Shintaro TAKITA
Tatsuya HIBINO
Comparison of neutral temperature with ion temperature In the polar lower thermosphere
Derivation of the upper stratospheric temperature with the sodium LIDAR at Troms
9/11 Kouki ARIMI
Experimental development of Atmospheric Neutral Analyzer (ANA) for in-situ observations of planetary upper atmospheres
Design of the STIMS and experimental study of ion scattering characteristics at the foil
7/24 Masaki NISHINO
Observation of lunar sodium tail
7/17 Tam DAO
Altitude development of F-region Field-Aligned Irregularities at post-midnight in comparison with post-sunset time based on Equatorial Atmosphere Radar observations in Indonesia
7/10 Prayitno Abadi
Ionospheric scintillation and its impacts on GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) receiver
7/3 Tulasi Ram
Dusk side enhancement of convection electric field response - a case study on recent geomagnetic storm on 17 March 2015
6/26 Tetsuo MOTOBA
Studies of magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling processes using ground-based auroral observations
6/19 Katsuki NISHI
Review of "Rayleigh - Taylor type instability in auroral patches"
Review of "A New 60cm Radio Survey Telescope with the Sideband-Separating SIS Receiver for the 200 GHz Band"
6/12 Kouhei IIDA
Review of "Magnetospheric responses to the passage of the interplanetary shock on 24 November 2008"
Review of "Large scale traveling ionospheric disturbance observed by SuperDARN Hokkaido HF radar and GPS networks on 15 December 2006"
6/5 Daiki TAKEO
Review of "New statistical analysis of the horizontal phase velocity distribution of gravity waves observed by airglow imaging"
Review of "Ground-based ELF/VLF chorus observations at subauroral latitudes VLF-CHAIN Campaign"
5/29 Shinichiro OYAMA
Ionospheric variations at substorm and Impacts of the pulsating aurora on the atmosphere
5/22 Masafumi HIRAHARA
In-situ observations and their measurement technique for space-planetary sphere coupling processes
5/15 Satonori Nozawa
Sodium LIDAR observations at Tromsoe
Development of Superconducting millimeter wave radiometer for observation of minor molecules in the middle atmosphere
5/1 Yuichi OTSUKA
Studies of Medium-Scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances:Recent Optical and GPS Observations
4/24 Nozomu NISHITANI
Initial results from the SuperDARN HOP (Hokkaido Pair of) radars and ionospheric / magnetospheric disturbances observed during the March 2015 storm
4/17 Kazuo SHIOKAWA
Large geomagnetic storm of March 17, 2015 and low-latitude aurora observed in Japan
4/10 Teachers
Introduction of researches in division 2
2/27 Koudai UWASHITOMI
Observation of GNSS scintillation in Tromso
Investigation of generation mechanisms of Pc1 pearl structures
2/25 Heqiucen XU
Statistical analysis of magnetic field fluctuations in the near-Earth magnetotail by THEMIS
Characteristics of VLF/ELF emissions at subauroral latitudes
2/17 Keisuke ISHIGURO
Design of suprathermal ion mass spectrometer (STIMS)
1/30 Shintaro TAKITA
Tatsuya HIBINO
Comparison of the neutral temperature with the ion temperature
Derivation of stratospheric temperature with sodium rider echo
1/23 Kouki ARIMI
Development of Atmospheric Neutral Analyzer (ANA) for In-situ Observations Planetary Neutral Atmospheres - Initial Operation Test of ANA -
Observation of Earth's ionospheric origin ions in the magnetotail
1/16 Naoki AKIYAMA
Hiroki ITO
Optical Design of Measurement System for Superconducting Mixer on Atmospheric Observation Instruments and Measurement of Mixer Linearity
Development of CCD cloud monitor for millimeter-wave atmospheric observation
1/9 Ryusuke KIGAWA
Contribution of mid-latitude SuperDARN data to Map Potential Algorithm


12/26 Yuya DOUKI
Effects of ionospheric spatical gradient on air navigation augmentation system based on GPS observation
Statistical study of longitude dependencies of medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances observed with GPS networks in North America
12/12 Manabu SHIMOYAMA
In-situ measurement techniques of wind velocity, composition and temperature in the upper atmosphere
12/05 Daisuke FUKUSIMA
Study of dynamical neutral-plasma coupling processes in the low-latitude ionosphere based on ground-based airglow observations -preparation for PhD thesis
11/28 Chihaya Kato
Takuya Mizoguchi
Takanori Yamada
Development of Series Junction SIS Device in 200-GHz band
Statistical analysis of MSTIDs using a GPS network in Alaska and its relation to auroral activity
A study of equatorial ionospheric disturbances by 630nm airglow imaging observations from the International Space Station
11/21 Shin Suzuki
Multipoint airglow imaging measurements of mesospheric gravity waves over Japan
11/07 Ayumi Hashimoto
Statistical study of auroral fragmentation into patches
10/25 Yuichi Kato
Naoki Sunagawa
statistical analysis of the plasmaspheric EMIC waves
Tens of seconds switching of correlation between ELF/VLF chorus waves and pulsating aurora observed at Athabasca, Canada
10/17 Hiroki Nagano
Taishi Tsuya
Occurrence characteristics of subauroral rapid plasma flows observed by the SuperDARN Hokkaido HF radar
Study of mesosphere summer echoes observed by the SuperDARN Hokkaido HF radar
10/10 Yoshihiro Nakamura
10/3 伊藤 史宏
小木曽 舜
9/26 Yuichi Otsuka
GPS observations of the ionospheric irregularities
9/19 Pasha Ponomarenko
Expanding diagnostic capabilities of the Super Dual Auroral Radar Network
9/5 Alexey Oinats
Study of traveling ionosphere disturbances using SuperDARN ground backscatter data
7/25 高橋 透
7/18 道木 裕也
山脇 景太
7/11 秋山 直輝
伊藤 弘樹
7/4 木川 竜介
横谷 憲昭
6/27 中川 佳祐
有見 弘毅
クラスターのCODIFデータを用いた、カスプからローブまでの酸素イオンの輸送 経路に関する解析的研究
6/20 安里 早稀
上蔀 広大
6/13 滝田真太郎
6/6 西野 真木
5/30 Nanan Balan
Space weather and its relevance to the High-Tech society
5/23 野澤 悟徳
5/16 西谷 望
5/9 大山 伸一郎
4/25 平原 聖文
4/18 塩川 和夫
4/11 各教員
2/21 加藤 智隼
鳴瀧 亜理紗
溝口 拓弥
山田 貴宣
李 哲考
SuperDARN北海道 陸別HFレーダーを用いたサブストーム時における電離圏プラズマ対流変動の研究
2/14 下山 学
Anomalous phenomena observed near Sq current focus
2/7 粂野 良太
伊藤 裕作
大松 直貴
外山 晴途
渡辺 太規
1/31 Viswanathan Lakshmi Narayanan
Inferences from observations of MSTIDs over Yonaguni
1/24 Satyavir Singh
Electromagnetic ion cyclotron (EMIC) waves are in the inner magnetosphere: Waves and plasma properties
1/17 福島 大祐
粂野 良太
Multi-point ground-based observations of low-latitude ionospheric disturbances
1/10 谷田貝 亜紀代
Construction of the APHRODITE* precipitation database and its impact on improving Asian Monsoon Forecast


12/27 伊藤 裕作
大松 直貴
津屋 太志
外山 晴途
渡辺 太規
世界の研究の動向@AGU Fall Meeting
12/20 李 哲孝
溝口 拓弥
鳴瀧 亜理紗
SuperDARN 北海道-陸別HFレーダーを用いたサブストーム時における電離圏プラズマ対流変動の研究
12/13 加藤 智隼
山田 貴宣
12/6 伊藤 裕作
外山 晴途
高橋 久夫
Drift velocity of the ionospheric irregularities measured by closely-spaced GNSS receivers in Tromsoe, Norway
Investigation on the internal acceleration process of the outer radiation belt using the particle filter
Space Weather, why Brazil needs it ?
11/29 伊藤 史宏
加藤 佑一
小木曽 舜
砂川 直貴
中村 義弘
永野 浩貴
11/14 福島 大祐
粂野 良太
大松 直貴
林 鮎子
橋本 あゆみ
Study of gravity waves generated from strong tropospheric convection over Brazil by using multi-point GPS-TEC data
Statistical characteristics of MSTIDs observed by 630-nm airglow imagers at Paratunka and Magadan, Russia
Evaluation of the impact of ionospheric disturbances on air navigation augmentation system using multi-point GPS receivers
Design of atmospheric neutral analyzer for neutral mass composition and wind measurement in the upper atmosphere
Statistical analysis of auroral structures related to the pressure-driven plasma instability based on ground optical observations
11/8 津屋 太志
中村 義弘
渡辺 太規
箕浦 武
加藤 佑一
Study of upper atmosphere dynamics near mesopause region using the SuperDARN Hokkaido HF radar
Improvement of the method for measuring thermospheric temperature using small Fabry-Perot interferometers
Quantitative study of ionospheric disturbance characteristics during solar flare events using the SuperDARN Hokkaido Radar
Statistical characteristics of medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances observed by an airglow imager at Syowa Station, Antarctica
Statistical analysis of EMIC waves observed by the Akebono satellite in the inner magnetosphere
10/28 外山 晴途
加藤 佑一
福島 大祐
Jun Chae-woo
大松 直貴
伊藤 裕作
林 鮎子
橋本 あゆみ
箕浦 武
Polarization analysis of VLF/ULF chorus waves observed at Athabascaat subauroral latitudes
Coherence analysis of Pc1 geomagnetic pulsations observed at multipoint ground stations at Russia, Japan and Canada
10/25 高橋 透
津屋 太志
渡辺 太規
粂野 良太
中村 義弘
小木曽 舜
伊藤 史宏
永野 浩貴
Statistical characteristics of MSTIDs using 630-nm airglow imagers at Paratunka and Magadan, Russia
10/18 Prayitno Abadi
Study of low-latitude scintillation occurrences around the equatorial anomaly crest over Indonesia
10/11 Elijah Olukayode Falayi
Statistical study of geomagnetically induced current during geomagnetic storms using geoelectric fields and auroral electrojet indices
10/4 鈴木 臣
Septi Perwitasari
Small-scale gravity waves in the mesosphere obtained by a multipoint airglow imaging network
Coordinated Observation between IMAP/VISI and Ground-based All-Sky Camera on Concentric Gravity Wave in the Lower Thermosphere
9/27 大塚 雄一
MUレーダーによる中間圏乱流観測: 中間圏乱流の熱圏・電離圏への影響
9/20 Brenton J. Watkins
Ionospheric Modification with High-Power HF-frequency Radio Waves
9/13 西谷 望
9/6 西野 真木
Lunar electromagnetic environment observed by SELENE (Kaguya)
8/2 Viswanathan Lakshmi Narayanan
Airglow imaging observations of atmospheric gravity waves over Indian sector
7/26 Claudia MARTINEZ
Polarization analysis of VLF/ELF chorus waves observed at Athabasca at subauroral latitudes
7/24 Evan Thomas
Dynamics of the geomagnetically disturbed ionosphere as measured by GPS receivers and SuperDARN HF radars
7/19 小木曽 舜
中村 義弘
砂川 尚貴
7/12 橋本 あゆみ
永野 浩貴
箕浦 武
7/5 伊藤 史宏
山田 貴宣
津屋 太志
5eV/charge から10keV/chargeまでのエネルギー範囲における衛星とロケット搭載のイオン質量分析器の較正システム
6/28 加藤 智隼
李 哲孝
溝口 拓弥
6/21 木川 竜介
鳴滝 亜理紗
高緯度電離圏における小規模構造の研究を目的としたHF phased-array レーダー
SuperDARNレーダーによるサブストーム発生時における対流観測のsuperposed epoch解析
6/14 Suhaila Binti M Buhari
高橋 透
the observation of 2 D map of equatorial plasma bubble using GPS network
6/7 野澤 悟徳
5/31 Jun Chae-Woo
Statistical analysis of Pc1 pulsations observed at three stations at middle to low altitudes
5/17 粂野 良太
大松 直貴
伊藤 裕作
石黒 恵介
林 鮎子
5/10 加藤 佑一
外山 晴途
渡辺 太規
福島 大祐
4/26 平原 聖文
4/19 中島 拓
4/12 各教員
2/26 箕浦 武
窄山 勝也
佐藤 大樹
2/25 中村 義弘
小木曽 舜
室内シミュレーションによるプラズマ波動・粒子相互作用の直接観測実験 シミュレーション環境の構築
2/15 石黒 恵介
林 鮎子
2/8 横山 侑
1/29 塩地 恵
1/25 KIM, Khan-Hyuk
寺本 万里子
Pc1/EMIC waves observed at subauroral latitude during sudden magnetospheric compressions
1/18 福島 大祐
1/11 塩川 和夫
1/4 塩地 恵


12/21 横山 侑
12/14 外山 晴途
渡辺 太規
粂野 良太
12/7 大松 直貴
伊藤 裕作
11/30 鈴木 臣
大気光観測 ーネットワーク網活用による新たな展開ー
11/20 高橋 透
横山 侑
A case study on upward propagating gravity wave in the polar MLT region
Study of wave-particle interactions of VLF/ELF chorus waves observed at subauroral latitudes
11/9 窄山 勝也
佐藤 大樹
11/2 中村 義弘
小木曽 舜
10/26 箕浦 武
10/16 外山 晴途
石黒 恵介
渡辺 太規
熱的・超熱的イオン質量分析器の設計 高質量分解能を目指した加速型TOF方式の可能性
10/12 横山 侑
林 鮎子
中性粒子分析器を構成する高周波電場型イオン質量分析部の開発 高周波電場型イオン質量分析部の粒子軌道設計の評価
10/5 高橋 透
福島 大祐
低緯度磁気共役点におけるMidnight Brightness Waveの光学・電波観測
9/28 下山 学
9/21 寺本 万里子
衛星やHokkado HF radarを用いたULF波動のm numberの導出
9/21 Vyacheslav Pilipenko
Modulation of the ionospheric plasma by long-period ULF waves: Radar, magnetometer, and GPS observations
9/12 塩川 和夫
9/7 大山 伸一郎
8/2 Vafi Doumbia
Study of the Equatorial Electrojet from geomagnetic observations
7/27 石黒 恵介
林 鮎子
7/13 外山 晴途
粂野 良太
光学的イメージングを用いた, 重力波の運動量フラックスの推定
6/29 伊藤 裕作
大松 直貴
太陽活動極小期の高緯度におけるGPS TEC、シンチレーション及びサイクルスリップの観測
6/22 大塚 雄一
6/15 窄山 勝也
佐藤 大樹
FORMOSAT-2/ISUALの測定による深夜のアジアセクターにおける630nm大気光の緯度 高度に対する観測
6/8 箕浦 武
中村 義弘
小木曽 舜
マルチチャンネルファブリ ペロー干渉計におけるドップラー輝線プロファイル解析
6/1 李 星恩
A study of magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling process through the auroral electrons
5/18 高橋 透
塩地 恵
5/11 福島 大祐
横山 侑
渡辺 太規
4/27 Andreas Keiling
Giant Electrical Tornadoes in Outer Space
4/27 野澤 悟徳
4/20 平原 聖文
4/13 西谷 望
4/6 塩川 和夫
平原 聖文
西谷 望
野澤 悟徳
大塚 雄一
大山 伸一郎
鈴木 臣
下山 学
4/6 塩川 和夫
3/9 大山 伸一郎
3/2 外山 晴途
平原 洋行
渡辺 太規
2/24 寺本 万里子
2/14 津田 卓雄
2/8 鄒 運
福島 大祐
1/31 高橋 透
橋本 新吾
1/27 下山 学
1/20 野澤 悟徳
1/6 鄒 運
福島 大祐


12/26 野村 麗子
12/16 平原 聖文
12/2 津屋 太志
横山 侑
11/25 李 星恩
鄒 運
福島 大祐
Observations of plasma sheet electrons for FAST/THEMIS conjunction events
Superposed epoch analysis of mid-latitude ionospheric convection during disturbed periods with the SuperDARN Hokkaido radar
Simultaneous airglow observations of medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances and mesospheric gravity waves at equatorial latitudes
11/18 外山 晴途
平原 洋行
渡辺 太規
データ同化による放射線帯の加速領域の同定 / データ同化による拡散係数と消失時定数の推定
11/11 大塚 雄一
野村 麗子
10/28 鄒 運
福島 大祐
津屋 太志
SuperDARN 北海道-陸別 HFレーダーによる中間圏エコーの統計解析
10/28 A. V. Koustov SuperDARN Cross Polar Cap Potential: Everything you need to know about it
10/21 高橋 透
橋本 新吾
10/12 西谷 望 SuperDARN北海道-陸別HFレーダーで観測された夏期昼間電離圏エコー / 時系列データの取得について
10/7 塩川 和夫 光学観測機器の設計について
9/22 鈴木 臣 ドイツ・ノルウェーでの大気光観測
9/20 P. T. Jayachandran Concurrent observation of GPS TEC and Riometer Absorption at High-latitudes
9/16 高橋 透 ナトリウムライダーと流星レーダーを用いた大気重力波の伝搬方向の同定
9/9 橋本 新吾 北欧3流星レーダーを用いた、成層圏突然昇温前後の平均風、大気潮汐波の緯度変動の研究
9/2 塩地 恵 2007 2009年の太陽活動極小期間の低熱圏密度の原因
7/29 横山 侑 カナダで観測されたVLFコーラスとパルセティングオーロラの相関関係
7/28 Khan-Hyuk Kim Magnetospheric responses to sudden solar wind changes
7/22 李 星恩
平原 洋行
Geomagnetic conjugate observations of plasma sheet electrons by FAST and THEMIS
7/15 平原 聖文 極域電磁気圏でのオーロラ粒子・発光の観測
7/8 大塚 雄一 インドネシアにおけるプラズマバブルの観測
7/1 津屋 太志 SuperDARN 北海道-陸別 HFレーダーを用いた近距離エコーの研究
6/24 野村 麗子 アサバスカで観測されたIPDPと関連するプロトンオーロラ
6/17 外山 晴途
渡辺 太規
6/15 高橋 久夫 Earth's atmosphere planetary waves observed by OMTI photometer, MF radar and ionosonde
6/10 津田 卓雄 トロムソナトリウムライダーで観測されたスポラディックナトリウム層
6/3 大山 伸一郎 オーロラ活動とメソスケールの下部熱圏風速変動
5/20 野澤 悟徳 トロムソにおけるナトリウムライダーによる下部熱圏/中間圏大気温度変動の研究
5/13 鄒 運
福島 大祐
5/6 西岡 未知 東南アジア地上観測網を用いた夜間電離圏不規則構造に関する研究
4/22 寺本 万里子 内部磁気圏及び電離圏で観測されるPi2地磁気脈動
4/15 西谷 望 SuperDARN北海道-陸別HFレーダーで観測される諸現象: 太陽フレアから地震まで
4/8 塩川 和夫 研究室の研究紹介 - 新人の方へ
2/18 津屋 太志
中川 慎太
吉本 明人
2/9 森 雅人 夜間大気光イメージング観測によるオーロラ帯近傍の中規模伝搬性電離圏擾乱の研究
2/7 Ai Yong Fabry-Perot interferometer (FPI) development in China
2/3 大塚 雄一 インドネシアにおける沿磁力線不規則構造のVHFレーダー観測
1/28 塩川 和夫 ファブリ・ペロー干渉計による熱圏温度計測手法について
1/21 李 星恩 Statistical study of the THEMIS satellite data for plasma sheet electrons carrying auroral upward field-aligned currents
1/14 津屋 太志
吉本 明人
SuperDARN 北海道-陸別 HFレーダーを用いた近距離エコーの研究
1/7 中川 慎太 ヨーロッパのGPS受信機網を使った全電子数変動の統計的研究


12/24 森 雅人 ノルウェー・トロムソ及びカナダ・アサバスカにおける、夜間大気光イメージング観測によるオーロラ帯近傍の中規模伝搬性電離圏擾乱の研究
12/6 野村 麗子 Polarization of Pc1/EMIC waves and related proton auroras observed at Athabasca
12/3 森 雅人
福島 大祐
Study of auroral-zone MSTIDs using 630nm airglow images at Tromsoe, Norway and Athabasca, Canada
Statistical analysis of nighttime MSTIDs based on airglow imaging observations in the equatorial thermosphere
11/22 鄒 運
福島 大祐
11/15 津屋 太志
中川 慎太
吉本 明人
SuperDARN 北海道-陸 別 HFレー ダーを用いた近距離エコーの研究
11/8 三好 由純 太陽風大規模構造に対する内部磁気圏コーラス波動、放射線帯電子増加の依存性
10/25 野村 麗子 アサバスカで観測されたPc1/EMIC波動の偏波方向とプロトンオーロラの関連性についての統計解析
10/22 森 雅人
鄒 運
福島 大祐
10/15 西岡 未知 2010年2月のチリ中部地震に伴う電離圏全電子数の変動
10/6 西谷 望 SAPS・SAID構造変動の特性について / 短波レーダーサイトにおける超高層大気モニターカメラ設置の状況報告
9/24 大塚 雄一 電離圏/熱圏の半年周期変動
9/17 塩川 和夫 極地研及び鹿児島における3台の分光温度フォトメータの再校正の結果
9/10 福島 大祐 大気光イメージング観測に基づく赤道熱圏の中規模伝搬性電離圏擾乱の統計解析
7/30 森 雅人 トロムソでの630nm大気光イメージング観測によるオーロラ帯の夜間MSTIDの研究
7/23 野澤 悟徳 トロムソに設置した新ナトリウムライダー 
7/16 鄒 運 Study of mid-latitude ionosphere convection during quiet and disturbed periods with the SuperDARN Hokkaido radar 
7/9 李 星恩 Magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling processes through auroral particles using the THEMIS satellite data 
7/2 野村 麗子 アサバスカで観測されたEMIC波動/Pc1地磁気脈動の偏波方向とオーロラの関連性 
6/25 Ivan Kutiev Reconstruction of topside ionosphere and plasmasphere electron density profiles for space navigation 
6/18 津屋 太志
吉本 明人
6/4 中川 慎太 南カリフォルニアにおけるGPS受信機網を用いた中規模伝播性電離圏擾乱の統計的研究 
5/21 森 雅人
福島 大祐
5/12 李 星恩
鄒 運
Study of magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling processes through auroral particles using the THEMIS satellite data
5/7 野村 麗子 アサバスカで観測されたPc1/EMIC波動の偏波方向とオーロラの関連性 
4/30 大塚 雄一 GPSによる電離圏観測 
4/23 西谷 望 SuperDARNネットワークの紹介及び2010/4/5-6磁気嵐の観測速報 
4/16 西岡 未知 C/NOFS衛星と地上観測網データを用いた赤道域電子密度擾乱の事例解析 
4/9 塩川 和夫 研究室の研究紹介 - 新人の方へ - 
3/12 森 雅人 アサバスカでの630nm大気光イメージング観測によるオーロラ帯のTIDの研究
2/19 鈴木 康紀
榊原 真之介
2/12 福島 大祐
鄒 運
2/5 水谷 徳仁
市原 章光
1/29 李 星恩 Study of magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling processes through auroral particles using the THEMIS satellite data - preliminary analysis
1/22 野村 麗子 アサバスカで観測されたPc1/EMIC波の偏波方向とオーロラの関連性
1/15 坂口 歌織 THEMIS衛星で観測されたEMIC波動の統計解析


12/25 水谷 徳仁
市原 章光
12/10 中島 章光 カナダでのオーロラ観測キャンペーン時に捉えられたパルセイティングオーロラ
12/4 市原 章光
水谷 徳仁
11/27 森 雅人
西谷 望
11/20 榊原 真之介
鈴木 康紀
11/13 大塚 雄一 中規模伝搬性電離圏擾乱に関する最近の研究結果と未解決問題
11/6 鄒 運
福島 大祐
10/30 森 雅人 トロムソでの630nm大気光イメージング観測によるオーロラ帯のTIDの研究
10/23 Nanan Balan Magnetosphere-ionosphere-upper atmosphere coupling during CME passage.
10/16 野村 麗子 高緯度地域でのPc1地磁気脈動の偏波特性の解析
10/9 塩川 和夫 磁気嵐初相に観測される低緯度オーロラ
10/2 Sungeun Lee Researches of the Space Weather: REE, Coronal Hole Formation, GLE
9/25 坂口 歌織 サブストーム開始時に発生するレイ(ray)オーロラの構造
9/18 市原 章光
水谷 徳仁
9/11 中島 章光 カナダでのオーロラ観測キャンペーン時に捉えられたパルセイティングオーロラについて
7/24 塩川 和夫 ファブリ・ペロー干渉計の設計と設置について
7/17 大塚 雄一 ファブリ・ペロー干渉計で観測された熱圏中性大気風速の統計解析
7/10 西谷 望 SuperDARN北海道-陸別短波レーダーで観測されたSAID/SAPS構造の周期的変動
7/3   インフルエンザ措置のためお休み
6/26 市原 章光 北海道-陸別HFレーダーとGEONETで観測された北向きに伝搬する夜間の中規模伝搬性電離圏擾乱
6/19 水谷 徳仁 赤道大気レーダーで昼間に観測された高度150kmの沿磁力線不規則構造
6/12 榊原 真之介
福島 大祐
論文紹介:赤道熱圏における630 nm大気光の画像中で準周期的に南向きに動く波動
6/5 鈴木 康紀
スウ 運
5/29 野村 麗子 偏波解析を使ったPc1地磁気脈動の研究
5/22 森 雅人 論文紹介、中緯度・夜間における中規模伝搬性電離圏擾乱の地上および衛星からの観測、Shiokawa et al. [2003]
5/15 野村 麗子
水谷 徳仁
中緯度多地点の誘導磁力計で観測されたPc 1地磁気脈動の偏波解析
5/8 坂口 歌織
市原 章光
交換型不安定オーロラ -THEMIS GBO関連の地上観測をフル活用した初期解析結果-
5/1 中島 章光 Pulsating aurora について - 2008カナダ観測キャンペーンより
4/24 大塚 雄一 GPSを使った電離圏観測
4/17 西谷 望 SuperDARN北海道-陸別短波レーダー - 初心者のために 
4/10 塩川 和夫 研究室の研究紹介 - 新人の方へ - 
3/27 Nanan Balan Super plasma fountain and ionospheric storms
3/17 Pilipenko Slava What else can we do with Pc1/Pi1 ULF waves?
3/6 塩川 和夫
大塚 雄一
西谷 望
2/25 森 雅人 北海道‐陸別HFレーダーで観測された電離圏エコー特性の研究
2/9 林 秀和
山矢 優
2/2 岩田 陽介
野村 麗子
中緯度多地点の誘導磁力計で観測されたPc 1地磁気脈動の偏波解析
1/30 Nanan Balan Effects of CMEs on magnetosphere-ionosphere-upper atmosphere coupling
1/23 森 雅人 北海道‐陸別HFレーダーで観測された電離圏エコー特性の研究
1/16   工学部の見学会のためお休み
1/9 山矢 優
林 秀和


12/26 坂口 歌織 D論予備審査の発表練習
12/22 中島 章光 D論予備審査の発表練習
12/19   AGUのためお休み
12/12 野村 麗子 Polarization analysis of Pc 1 geomagnetic pulsations observed at multi-point ground stations at middle latitude
12/5 坂口 歌織 サブオーロラ帯で東向きに発達する孤立プロトンオーロラとイオンフラックスの増大領域
11/28   北極域ライダー研究会 + MTI研究集会のためお休み
11/21 市原 章光
水谷 徳仁
11/14 中島 章光 複数の衛星データを用いた磁気嵐中のbroadband electronsの研究
11/7 森 雅人 北海道‐陸別HFレーダーで観測された電離圏エコー特性のパラメータ依存性
10/31 大塚 雄一 インドネシアにおける沿磁力線不規則構造のVHFレーダー観測
10/24 Martin Connors Inversion of Ground Magnetic Data - Overview and Prospects
10/17 塩川 和夫 オーロラパッチの境界におけるRayleigh-Taylor型不安定構造
10/10   SGEPSSのためお休み
10/3 林 秀和
野村 麗子
市原 章光
水谷 徳仁
中緯度からサブオーロラ帯におけるPc 1地磁気脈動の地上多点観測
9/26 林 秀和 北海道-陸別HFレーダーとGEONETで観測された大規模伝搬性電離圏擾乱のマルチイベント解析
9/19 山矢 優
水谷 徳仁
9/12 B. Rabiu

市原 章光
9/5 野村 麗子 中緯度地上多点観測におけるPc 1地磁気脈動の偏波解析
7/18 西谷 望 SuperDARN radar で観測された磁気嵐開始時における昼間側対流領域拡大のダイナミクス
7/11 水谷 徳仁 赤道大気レーダーで昼間に観測された高度150kmの沿磁力線不規則構造
7/4 中島 章光 複数衛星・地上観測に基づく storm-time substorm中のbroadband electrons の研究
6/27 大塚 雄一 宇宙ステーションからの超高層大気撮像計画
6/20   AOGSのためお休み
6/13 小川 忠彦 北海道-陸別レーダーによる諸々の観測結果
6/6 坂口 歌織 全天TVカメラを用いたTHEMISー地上キャンペーンで 観測されたサブストームオンセットアークの微細構造
5/30   連合大会のためお休み
5/23   連合大会のためお休み
5/14 野村麗子
中緯度からサブオーロラ帯におけるPc 1, PiB地磁気脈動の地上多点観測
5/9 市原 章光 レイトレイシングプログラムを活用したHFレーダーエコーの解析
5/2 林 秀和 2006年12月15日に北海道-陸別HFレーダーとGEONETで観測された大規模伝搬性電離圏擾乱
4/25 野村 麗子 中緯度におけるPiB地磁気脈動の地上多点観測
4/18 山矢 優 GPS受信機網データを用いた地震後の電離圏全電子数の解析
4/11 西谷 望
研究室の研究紹介 - 新人の方へ -
3/14 濱口 佳之  自己紹介と南極点出張報告
3/7 山矢 優  GPS受信機網データを用いた地震後の電離圏全電子数変動の解析
3/3 William Ward  Dynamics in the Mesopause region: Model results and observing strategies
2/22 工学系4年生  卒論発表会
2/15 水谷 徳仁
市原 章光
筒井 寛典
山本 将啓
日本の衛星航法補強システムに電離圏が与える影響 究
2/8   理学研究科修士論文発表会のためお休み
2/1 A.V. Koustov Ionospheric convection changes related to auroral substorm processes : SuperDARN radar contributions
1/25 林 秀和 2006年12月15日に北海道-陸別HFレーダーとGEONETで観測された大規模伝搬性電離圏擾乱



12/18 市原 章光
筒井 寛典
12/14 水谷 徳仁
山本 将啓
12/7 野村 麗子 中緯度におけるPiB地磁気脈動の地上多点観測
11/30 林 秀和
山矢 優
11/23   勤労感謝の日のためお休み
11/16 津川 卓也 広域・高解像度の北米GPS-TECマップで観測された電離圏トラフ及び未解明な電離圏擾乱イベントの紹介
11/9 西谷 望 北海道-陸別短波レーダーの観測原理および近況について
11/2 Dr. Sergey Shalimov Action of atmospheric waves upon the ionosphere
10/26   CAWSESのため休み
10/18 市原章光
筒井 寛典
水谷 徳仁
山本 将啓
10/12 大塚 雄一 インドネシアにおけるF領域沿磁力線不規則構造のレーダー観測
10/5 塩川 和夫 カムチャッカでの機器設置報告と、今後の観測計画について
9/28   SGEPSSのため休み
9/21 野村 麗子
林 秀和
9/14 小川 忠彦 SuperDARN北海道-陸別短波レーダーで観測されたMSTIDとEs層
9/7 中島 章光 Broadband electrons during storm-time substorm : Simultaneous FAST and Double Star observations
8/8 Dr. James Wanliss The Avalanching Magnetosphere
7/27 山矢 優 地震発生に伴う電離圏全電子数変動のGPS観測
7/20 林 秀和 2006年12月15日に北海道-陸別HFレーダーとGEONETで観測された大規模伝搬性電離圏擾乱
7/13 坂口 歌織 アサバスカでこれまでに観測された孤立オーロラとPc 1地磁気脈動のまとめ
6/29 大塚 雄一 MUレーダーと全天大気光イメージャーによるF領域沿磁力線不規則構造と中規模伝搬性電離圏擾乱の観測
6/22 西谷 望 北海道-陸別HFレーダーで観測された地磁気嵐時の昼間側極方向フロー
6/15 Dr. James Wanliss Learning about the magnetosphere and substorms through geomagnetic field models and data assimilation
6/08 野村 麗子 論文紹介: 高緯度と低緯度におけるPc 1地磁気脈動の偏波について
6/01 塩川 和夫 熱圏の風・温度を測定するファブリ・ペロー干渉計の設計
5/18 中島 章光
坂口 歌織
野村 麗子
5/11 KIM, Khan-Hyuk Statistical analysis of the relationship between earthward flow bursts in the magnetotail and low-latitude Pi2 pulsations
4/27 津川 卓也 北アメリカで観測された伝搬性電離圏擾乱
4/20 野村 麗子[1]
林 秀和[2]
[1] 流体中に剛体球が分散している場合の輸送現象への影響
[2] 近傍界測定によるポインティングベクトルと波数ベクトルの可視化
4/13 小川 忠彦 研究室の研究紹介‐新人の方へ‐
3/2 山矢 優 地震発生に伴う電離圏全電子数変動のGPS観測
2/16 小竹 論季 GPS観測に基づく中規模伝搬性電離圏擾乱の統計的研究
2/9 塩川 和夫 THEMIS衛星プロジェクトの紹介
2/2 坂口 歌織 サブオーロラ帯における孤立オーロラアークとPc 1地磁気脈動の地上衛星観測
1/26 鈴木 臣 中低緯度での大気光イメージング観測に基づく中間圏重力波の力学過程の研究
1/12 山矢 優 地震発生に伴う電離圏全電子数変動のGPS観測
1/5 小川 忠彦 SuperDARN短波レーダーによる極域上部中間圏エコーの観測



12/19 鈴木 臣 中低緯度での大気光イメージング観測に基づく中間圏重力波のダイナミクスの研究
12/8 西谷 望 北海道レーダー(陸別レーダー)の初期結果報告
12/1 大塚 雄一 中・低緯度における電離圏擾乱のレーダー・光学観測
11/24 野澤 悟徳 STEL EISCATグループの北欧での研究活動とMLTダイナミクスの研究
11/17 中島 章光
坂口 歌織
磁気嵐中にFAST衛星が観測したbroadband electronsの複数例解析
サブオーロラ帯でPc 1に伴って出現する孤立アークの複数例解析
11/10 大塚 雄一 MUレーダーによる非干渉性散乱観測
11/03   SGEPSSのため休み
10/27 中島 章光
坂口 歌織
磁気嵐中にFAST衛星が観測したbroadband electronsの複数例解析
10/20 小竹 論季 GPSを用いた伝搬性電離圏擾乱の観測的研究
10/13 横山 竜宏 中・低緯度電離圏イレギュラリティと中性 電離大気上下結合の観測的・理論的研究 中間報告
10/06 小泉 宜子 フォイル・チャフを用いた中間圏界面領域の力学に関する研究

鈴木 臣

09/08 Xioyan Zhou Global auroral dynamics during geomagnetic storms caused by magnetic clouds
09/01 塩川 和夫 超高層大気イメージングシステム(OMTIs)によるオーロラ・大気光観測 高緯度を中心に
07/28 西谷 望 北海道レーダーの目指すもの


塩川 和夫 超高層大気イメージングシステム(OMTIs)の観測をベースにした中間圏・電離圏・内部磁気圏変動の研究 COSPAR/WPGMでの講演から
07/07 中島 章光 執筆中の論文とGEMについて
06/30 小川 忠彦 赤道プラズマバブル発生と下層大気波動との関係
06/16 横山 竜宏 大ウェーブレット変換と数値シミュレーションの手法について
06/02 鈴木 臣 大気光画像からの重力波抽出
05/26 津川 卓也 マサチューセッツ工科大学ヘイスタック観測所での研究
05/19 地球惑星科学連合大会2006に参加のためなし
05/11 鈴木 臣
中島 章光
坂口 歌織
04/27 小竹 論季 日本と南カリフォルニアのGPSを用いた中規模伝播性電離圏擾乱
04/21 坂口 歌織 Pc1を伴ったdetached proton arcの地上観測とNOAA17衛星による高エネルギープロトン降り込みの同時観測
04/14 小川 忠彦
山本 優佳
研究室の研究紹介  新人の方へ
02/10 Harald Frey
(Space Sciences Laboratory, Univercity of California at Berkeley)
Localized aurora beyond the auroral oval
02/3 中島 章光
伊藤 義邦
二井 征一郎
尾木 俊一
澤田 和英
01/27 高橋 久夫
田中 伸
Planetary waves in the low and middle latitudes ; possible influence on the ionosphere
Hall MHD シュミレーションによる太陽風中のAlfven waveの研究
01/20 鈴木 臣 大気光イメージャーを用いた大気重力波の運動量フラックスの見積もり
01/13 谷 貴行
加藤 修平
山本 純也
工学部4年生 -卒業論文中間発表-


12/13 Ivan Stefanov Kutiev Ionospheric forecasting in Europe
12/09   AGUのため休講
12/02 青山 智治
高橋 久夫
Signatures of planetary scale waves in the equatorial ionosphere
11/25 深沢 圭一郎
小竹 論季
Computer simulation on interaction of the solar wind with Jovian magnetospher
Statistical study of medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances using GPS networks
11/18 尾木 俊一 土星磁気圏の3次元MHDシミュレーション 修論に向けて
11/11 伊藤 義邦 赤道電離圏プラズマバブル - インドネシアにおけるGPS・光学観測の結果 - 修士論文に向けて
11/04 二井 征一郎 局所恒星間物質との相互作用による太陽磁気圏形成のMHDシミュレーション
10/28 中島 章光 FAST衛星データを用いた磁気嵐時のbroadband electronsの研究
10/21 澤田 和英 インヤン格子による磁気圏電離圏結合の3次元MHDシミュレーション
10/14 高橋 久夫(INPE) Atmospheric Gravity wave and Planetary wave activities over the South American equatorial region observed by optical and radio wave techniques
修士学生 SGEPSS秋学会 反省会
修士学生 SGEPSS秋学会 発表練習
足立 和寛 EISCATレーダと多波長フォトメータ 同時観測による電離圏電気伝導度の研究
青山 智治 論文レビュー 「磁気ロープの3次元MHDシミュレーション」
津川 卓也 GPS受信機網を用いた太陽フレアによる電離圏全電子数突然増加の統計的研究
大塚 雄一 ファブリ・ぺロー干渉計とMUレーダーによる熱圏中性大気風速とF領域プラズマドリフト速度の観測
西谷 望 SuperDARNデータ解析 - ionospheric scatter and ground scatter echoes
塩川 和夫 光学観測機器の設計について
横山 竜宏 「中・低緯度電離圏イレギュラリティの研究」
尾木 俊一
澤田 和英
二井 征一郎
中島 章光
伊藤 義訓
坂口 歌織 論文レビュー:オーロラサブストーム中の水素発光の地上光学観測
坂口 歌織
青山 智治


小川 忠彦 「電磁気圏環境部門の研究概要(新入生へ)」
矢後 和也 「Simultaneous DMSP, All-Sky Camera, and IMAGE FUV observations of a substorm onset arc」

小野間 史樹
服部 誠
梶原 靖人


西野 正徳 「磁気圏ELF/VLF/LF波動の低緯度観測」
服部 誠 「GPS電波を利用した赤道電離圏擾乱の研究(修士論文目次発表)」
梶原 靖人 「地球磁気圏におけるバルーニング不安定の計算機シミュレーション(修士論文目次発表)」


小川 忠彦 「太陽プロトン侵入に伴う極域中間圏レーダーエコー」
小野間 史樹 「レーダー・光学同時観測によるE領域沿磁力線不規則構造の生成機構に関する研究(修士論文目次発表)」
12/ 2

伊藤 義訓
尾木 俊一
澤田 和英

「赤道電離圏プラズマバブルの運動 インドネシアにおけるGPS衛星・光学観測の結果 」

西谷 望 「中・高緯度におけるLSTIDの統計解析」
中島 章光 「FAST衛星データを用いた broadband electrons の研究」
11/ 5
津川 卓也 「GEONET及びIGSのGPS受信機網を利用した電離圏擾乱の観測」
西野 正徳 「北向きIMF期間のカスプ緯度における昼間CNA現象」
大塚 雄一 「GPSによる赤道域電離圏イレギュラリティのドリフト速度観測」
10/ 8
塩川 和夫 「超高層大気イメージングシステム(OMTI)の最近の成果:LSTID,大規模重力波、赤道域MSTID」
10/ 1
小川 忠彦 「116回SGEPSS(愛媛)での学生発表 - 質問と返答 -」

小竹 論季
深沢 圭一郎
鈴木 臣
矢後 和也

「IMF y成分を考慮した木星磁気圏太陽風相互作用MHDシミュレーション」


小野間 史樹
中島 章光

梶原 靖人
服部 誠
「バルーニング不安定の非線形発展の高精度3次元MHDシミュレーショ ン」
9/ 3

石川 俊弘
定兼 貴之

梶原 靖人 「バルーニング不安定の非線形発展の3次元MHDシミュレーション」
小野間 史樹
服部 誠
「赤道におけるGPS電離圏シンチレーションと対流圏の対流活動との関係 」
津川 卓也 「大規模伝搬性電離圏擾乱の南北共役性に関する研究」
7/ 9
7/ 2
西野 正徳 「南米におけるイメージングリオメータネットワーク観測」
伊藤 義訓
尾木 俊一
西谷 望 「SuperDARNデータ解析におけるHF ray path tracing計算の重要性 」
6/ 4
澤田 和英


中島 章光 「論文レビュー:DMSP衛星によって観測された broadband electronsについて」
Tsunoda 「The azimuth-dependent Es-Layer instability: A missing link found」
5/ 7
矢後 和也
鈴木 臣
服部 誠
「オーロラカメラとDMSP衛星を用いたinitial brighteningを起こす降り込み粒子の研究」
小野間 史樹
深沢 圭一郎
小竹 論季
「SEEK-2期間中に種子島大気光イメージャーで観測された大気波動とE層レーダーエコーとの比較」 「北向きIMFを印加した場合の木星磁気圏のダイナミックス」
梶原 靖人 「バルーニング不安定の非線形発展の3次元MHDシミュレーション」
小川 忠彦
伊藤 義訓
尾木 俊一
中島 章光

宇宙地球環境研究所 電磁気圏研究部のホームページへ