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Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research, Nagoya University
Division for Ionospheric and Magnetospheric Research
Graduate School of Science, Division of Particle and Astrophysical Science,
Space Physics - Experiment (SSE)
Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,
Space Electromagnetic Environment - Space Observation
Ground Network Observation Group



Position Full Name account
Professor Kazuo SHIOKAWA shiokawa (Center for International
Collaborative Research)
Associate Professor Nozomu NISHITANI nisitani (Center for International
Collaborative Research)
Associate Professor Yuichi OTSUKA otsuka
Assistant Professor Taku NAKAJIMA nakajima (Meteorological and
Atmospheric Research)
Engineer Yuka YAMAMOTO yukay
Engineer Yoshiyuki HAMAGUTI hamaguti
Engineer Takumi ADACHI takumi
Engineer Support Yasuo KATO katoh
Administrative Support Kazuyo Nishioka k-nishioka
Administrative Support Mai Asakura asakura (VarSITI)
Database Support Yasuko FUJII fujii.yasuko


Full Name account
Atsuki SHINBORI  shinbori
Claudia Martinez-Calderon  claudia
Sivakandan MANI mani.sivakandan
Priyanka GHOSH  priyanka.ghosh
Sneha YADAV sneha.yadav


Grade Gradualte School/ School Full Name account
M2 Science Takuya SORI sori.takuya
M2 Engineering Shouki IRIYAMA iriyama.shouki
M2 Engineering Takahiko KOSEGAKI kosegaki.takahiko
M2 Engineering Yuhei TAKESHITA takeshita.yuhei
M1 Engineering Yudai INABA inaba.yudai
M1 Engineering Kento OYA oya.kento
M1 Engineering Hideto NAITO naito.hideto
M1 Engineering Hiroshi NOMURA nomura.hiroshi
M1 Engineering Gemma MIZOGUCHI mizoguchi.gemma
B4 Engineering Kouki KAWAI kawai.kouki
B4 Engineering Tomoya TAKADA takada.tomoya
B4 Engineering Koki NAKAMURA nakamura.koki
B4 Engineering Wataru HAZEYAMA hazeyama.wataru
B4 Engineering Nobuya FUKATANI fukatani.nobuya
B4 Engineering Yoshiharu SAITO saito.yoshiharu
Research Student Engineering Li Wei CHEN chen.liwei
Research Student Engineering Jie LIU liu.jie
Research Student Engineering Shi Xun FAN fan.shixun

           * E-mail: account@isee.nagoya-u.ac.jp


Ground Network Observation

Division for Ionospheric and Magnetospheric Research