Important Notes

        1. All the plotted data and images are just for browsing purpose and
           are not fully calibrated.  Please do not use the data at any
           presentations and publications without contacting the Principal
           Investigator, K. Shiokawa (shiokawa #
        2. Digital data are available on request.  Please contact the Principal
           Investigators to copy the data.  The Principal Investigators
           may limit the use of the data in order to avoid possible confliction of 
           the scientific directions of the users.
        3. Some other notes:
         * Induction magnetometer data of Sept.3, 2005 - Nov.17(19h22m26s UT), 2006 are
           delayed for 4 seconds (00:00:00UT data is written with a time tag of
           00:00:04 UT).