FPI01 630.0nm Wind
Date : 20110917 Click figure to enlarge
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Another Types of Data
Camera1: 557.7 nm 630.0 nm Na OH
Camera3: 557.7 nm 630.0 nm OH
Camera4: 557.7 nm 630.0 nm OH 777.4 nm
Camera8: 557.7 nm 630.0 nm OH 777.4 nm
CameraD: 557.7 nm 630.0 nm OH 777.4nm
Fabry-Perot 630.0nm
FPI01 557.7nm Wind
FPI01 557.7nm Temperature
FPI01 630.0nm Temperature
FPI02 630.0nm Wind
FPI02 630.0nm Temperature
FPI04 630.0nm Wind
Airglow Temperature Photometer 1, Intensity
Airglow Temperature Photometer 1, Temperature
Airglow Temperature Photometer 2, Intensity
Airglow Temperature Photometer 2, Temperature